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Friday 17 April 2020

Friday 17th of a leap year

bisesto year fatal year let's say in Tuscany and this year it is just like that.

The eighth edition of the Tuscany Crossing and the 2nd of the 100 miles had to start, but unfortunately this cursed Virus forced us to abdicate, we immediately made the decision to skip a year even though many tried to move their races to autumn , we did not feel it because in any case it would not have been the same Tuscany and then our program already included the Tuscany Autumn which we still have to decide whether to carry it out will depend on the conditions when we come out of this sad moment.

Too bad because there were numerous adhesions but we hope to have more also in the future because many of the members have decided to give up the reimbursement and to leave the registration to 2021 and for this we thank them for their trust and attachment to this sport.

Certainly, however, we did not stand still, this year everything would have remained unchanged but Aurelio Michelangeli and I, my partner in this adventure already had some news in mind and this stop gave us the input to put them into action ...

What will the new Tuscany be like?

Certainly we still cannot predict when and how our activities will start again but one thing is certain the Val d'Orcia is there waiting for us with open arms and as soon as possible we will be walking those paths, perhaps distant, perhaps in self-management but we will return ..

For this we have designed 100 new km which will consist of two 50 km rings, the Green Heart Ring which will also include the municipalities of San Quirico d'Orcia and Pienza and the Castiglione Tutto ring within the Territory of Castiglione d'Orcia. , these are routes that can be used all year round, to be done self-managed by practicing our favorite sport, but also simply by walking or by bike or other, in the villages we will find bars, shops or fountains to refresh us, both routes can be done starting from any country, at this point the missing 60 km of the 100 miles will remain to be defined but given the vastness of the territory they will not be long in coming, it will also depend on the availability and desire of the populations to collaborate in this new project.

The Green Heart ring will also be the 50 km route and will be the classic icon route of the Val d'Orcia will descend into the Valley will go up to Poggio Istiano then along the Onsola stream, after the pedestrian bridge Peruzzi will deviate along the Orcia river to go up to Pienza in the green sea of ​​the Valdorcia through cultivated fields it will go up the Terrapille valley known as the valley of the Gladiator where the famous film was shot, then it will cross the center of Pienza, a UNESCO heritage city and head to the church of Vitaleta, another icon of the Valdorcia, this is a predominantly clay area (it is no coincidence that it is called the Cretaiole and in rainy weather it can be difficult due to the clay that has a windy effect on the feet, the path heads towards the lands where the Gladiator's house was defined for this is the lands of the Gladiator, then with a nice ups and downs you go up to Celamonti these streets are also famous for cinema, we are in the area of ​​the English patient, then dop or wonderful views of the Val d'Asso we enter the Valley of Triboli where at the bottom there is the famous grove of cypresses (the original one) another icon of Tuscany then we begin the ascent that leads to the village of San Quirico d'Orcia which is crossed for then take the dirt road that leads us to the Rocca di Vignoni, a true gateway to the Vald'Orcia, descend on the paths to Bagno Vignoni, a famous spa and a beautiful village, also the scene of many films dear to Verdone, then once you cross the Orcia sul Ponte Peruzzi continue on the Via Francigena up to go up under the Rocca d'Orcia and after crossing the characteristic Borgo you return to the starting point.

The second ring we will call the Castiglione d'Orcia ring , by virtue of those who welcomed us in this adventure and supported or endured us over the years, will be a little less known but not as fascinating ... always starting from the Pro-Loco will descend into the valley on the Pozzo road (via Francigena) up to the crossing of the Onsola stream, then turn left and climb a ridge that dominates the valley heading towards Gallina, cross the artisan area and practically make a loop that takes us back to Cassia from where we resume the Via Francigena that will take us up to the crossing of the Formone to then go up to Bagni San Filippo, a thermal station where we descend in front of the famous limestone formation called "The white whale" and go up the White ditch where the waters cross hot and cold and you enter the village, from there we head up to Campiglia d'Orcia, in this section there is a little asphalt but the road is not very busy, we enter I go to the panoramic terrace under the bell tower and go down into the characteristic alleys of the village, after crossing the village towards the highest point 1100 meters above sea level in the wonderful wood of Vivo d'Orcia rich in springs, go down to the village of del Vivo and we begin a gentle descent on a white road that takes you back to Castiglione d'Orcia in a wooded stretch but with splendid views.

the "Green Heart Val d'Orcia" route

51 km 1530 m D +

The "Top" route of the Valdorcia, the dream landscape, the land of wind and desert, the landscape that the world envies us, will be the new symbol of the relaunch of slow walking, of the new Ultramaratone and Ultratrail.

The "Cuore Verde Tuscany" route is a 50 km loop, a journey through the symbolic places of the Valdorcia, through the Baths of Bagno Vignoni, the Rocche di Vignoni Alto and Tentennano, the villages of Castiglione d'Orcia, San Quirico d'Orcia and Pienza (Unesco heritage) the churches, the cypresses, the places made famous by the film "The Gladiator", the 50 km route will also be part of the "Tuscany Crossing 103 km and 160 km" the ultra marathon par excellence.

The route can be followed at any time of the year even if in case of rain or mud it can be difficult due to the clayey soil, if it is done independently there is the possibility of refreshment places (bars or shops) and water:

6th km Bagno Vignoni

20 ° km Pienza

40 ° km San Quirico d'Orcia

43 ° km Vignoni alto

46th km Bagno Vignoni

the path "Tuscany Castiglione d'Orcia"

50,3 km          1600 mt D+

Will it be part of the 103 km and 100 mile route and perhaps of other Tuscany Autumn ??? events?

The route is all within the municipality of Castiglione d'Orcia and descends into the valley touching various parts of the Via Francigena, passing through Gallina, a hamlet located on the 43rd parallel and then continue along the lower part along the Orcia river, until you reach Bagni San Filippo, spa famous for its limestone formations "the white whale" and the white ditch, from here begins to climb first gently then once you reach Campiglia d'Orcia begins the climb to the highest part of the race in the enchanted forest of Vivo d'Orcia, from here begins the return to Castiglione d'Orcia. ..the route is very varied among cartroads, white roads and paths.

The route is always passable all year round and if it is done independently there is the possibility of refreshment places and water:

12° km Gallina

25° km Bagni San Filippo

30° km Campiglia d’Orcia

37° km Vivo d’Orcia.

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