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(161 km   5220 D +)
Friday 19 April 2024
  time limit 32 hours              6 points  itra
percentage of asphalt 16% of which 9% crossing villages and towns



after the experience of the first two editions of the 100 miles, some precautions were necessary, so a real restyling of the track was made, practically dividing the Valdorcia into three parts: the " Valdorcia of Wine" which will go up to Montalcino to return to life base in Castiglione d'Orcia, the "Classic Valdorcia"  it will travel through the territories of San Quirico d'Orcia and Pienza which with the 53 km will return to Castiglione d'Orcia and the "Mountain Valdorcia" which will rise to 1100 meters above sea level.


It will be a 100 miles long dream that will start at 5.00 pm, will see the sunset, the night, the sunrise through woods, vineyards, white roads,  it will descend to the Orcia river and head towards the famous Cypresses of the Triboli valley (the most photographed in the world) and then head to Torrenieri, an ancient post station on the Via Francigena, it will go up to Montalcino, a medieval village famous for its wine "his Majesty the BRUNELLO ", to then head towards the Abbey of Sant'Antimo founded according to the legend by Charlemagne, will cross Castelnuovo dell'Abate and then return to cross the Orcia river again and return to Castiglione d'Orcia where there will be the first base life at the 60th km, then passing under the Rocca di Tentennano (your lighthouse for the whole race) you cross  Rocca d'Orcia and go down to the ancient Bagno Vignoni spa famous for its pool in the center of the village, go up to San Quirico d'Orcia, a town rich in history located on the Via Francigena where Federico Barbarossa was crowned Emperor of the Holy Empire, we will cross the lands made famous by the film "The Gladiator" with its Elysian Fields and the church of the Madonna di Vitaleta, to reach Pienza, the ideal city wanted by Pope Pius II, now a UNESCO heritage site, still hills and arrive in Monticchiello, a town rich in history and recently famous for its "Teatro Povero" where all the inhabitants recite, you go down the Via Agogna where you can enjoy a 360 ° view of the Valdorcia, you ford the river again and you get to Gallina (2 ^ life base) and here begins the real Tuscany Crossing .... you start to climb towards Campiglia d'Orcia, a town located around the Bell Tower that dominates the valley, then descend again to Bagni San Filippo, famous for its White Whale a magnificent co limestone formation formed thanks to the gushing of the thermal waters that make the landscape suggestive, go up for 7 km towards the Vivo d'Orcia the highest point of the race (1050 meters above sea level) begins the descent to get to the last refreshment point in Poggio Rosa up at the lowest point of the final phase at 207 meters above sea level but it's not over ... a series of ups and downs will take you to the final climb to get to "conquer the Rocca" and the deserved final prize ..            

The main recommendation to those who participate is to calibrate their forces well, pay attention to distances and manage water and food autonomy well, the Val d'Orcia is a land of wind and desert and can easily deceive, remember that it is a race in semi-autonomy. From one refreshment point to another there can be several km and it can take a long time, so it is essential to have all the mandatory material with you and leave nothing to chance, read the race rules carefully, have your mobile phone switched on (it is advisable to have a power bank), make sure you have an efficient lamp with spare batteries. Remember that your conduct of the race depends exclusively on YOU, the route is plotted but it is advisable to have the GPS track or download the map.

Cancelli 160

Refreshments and time gates

(gate closing times are considered exit times)

NB the km of places may be approximate

   km 12   Poggio Grande                      (RISTORO) 

   km 25  Torrenieri                               (RISTORO)

   km 35   Montalcino                            (RISTORO)   

   km 46   Castelnuovo dell'Abate       (RISTORO)

   km 58  Castiglione d'Orcia               (RISTORO & LIFE BASE)     time gates ore  5.00  (12h di gara) 

   km 69    San Quirico d'Orcia           (RISTORO)

   km 79    Pienza                                   (RISTORO)                            time gates   ore  10.00  (17h di gara)

   km 86    Monticchiello                      (RISTORO)

   km 102  Gallina                                  (RISTORO)                             time gates  ore 15.15 (22h 15' di gara) 

   km 113  Campiglia d'Orcia              (RISTORO & LIFE BASE)     time gates   ore  17.30 (24 h 30' di gara)

   km 121  Bagni San Filippo                (RISTORO)                            

   km 131  Vivo d'Orcia                         (RISTORO)                             time gates ore 21.10 (28h 10'di gara)                           

   km 144  Poggio Rosa                         (RISTORO)                              time gates ore 00.30 (31h 30'di gara)

   km 152  Capanno Caccia                  (RISTORO)


                                                               TEMPO  MASSIMO    35 ORE 

Mappa 160
altimetria 160


Ancora 1


  • hydration backpack or double water bottle with 1 liter water reserve

  • personal glass or cup

  • food supply: energy bars or equivalent.

  • waterproof windproof jacket

  • emergency sheet

  • whistle

  • headlamp with backup battery

  • charged mobile phone turned on

  • compulsory competitive medical certificate


The use of the following material is strongly recommended:

  • hat or bandana

  • sunscreen

  • reserve lamp

  • trail shoes

  • elastic bandage

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