A dream divided into 4 athletes




Castiglione d'Orcia - Old Cassia refreshment point    km 27.07   D + 655

(1 refreshment on the route)



Refreshment Vecchia Cassia - Borgheretto                km 23.90    D + 850

(2 refreshment points on the route)            



Borgheretto - Campiglia d'Orcia                           km 32.03      D + 1372 (3 stops along the route)            



Campiglia d'Orcia - Castiglione d'Orcia               km 20.30      D + 440

(1 refreshment on the route)  


April 24, 2021
Departure at 5.30 Castiglione d'Orcia


semi-self-sufficient race (Team support will be allowed)

Participation in a team of four "Express Team" (103 km)

- The registration of an Express Team, a team of 4 people, who will cover the distance of the track (103 km) in 4 distinct and separate sections, is allowed.

- When registering, it is sufficient to register only the captain of the Team to whom all communications will be made and will collect the bib number to provide the names and order of the relay runners, as well as all the documentation (medical certificates et.)

- Each Team will receive a bib and a GPS Tracker, these will have to pass to the athlete registered in that fraction at each change of fraction.

- No distances other than those indicated at the start will be admitted, each rider must cover the entire part of the route declared in advance.

- Competitors who run into controls, where irregularities occur outside the area of ​​competence and absence of mandatory material will be disqualified.

- The disqualification foresees the exit of the complete Team (including the other components) from the event.

- The members of the Express Team will have to provide with their own means to the logistics and the meeting at the change of the fraction, assistance will be allowed only by the other members of the Team


(there will be surprise checks along the way)

- At the start of the fraction and after each refreshment: 1/2 liter water reserve: Water backpack or water bottle (no glasses are provided at the refreshment points or water points)

- Mobile phone charged

- Whistle

- Headlamp for the first and last relay runner

The use of the following material is strongly recommended:

- Energy bars or equivalent food.

- Windproof jacket

- Emergency sheet

- Sunscreen

- Trail running shoes

- Hat or bandana

At the start of each refreshment, the runners must have the quantity of water and food necessary to get to the next refreshment point.

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