(46 km    1450 D+)

Saturday 24 april 2021          5.30 am 


time limit 12 hours                       2 point  itra



The 50 km will start from Castiglione d'Orcia at 5.30 from the "Tuscany Crossing" Events Center and will be a downhill departure to take the Via Francigena that will lead to Bagno Vignoni, after the tour of the famous Piazza d'acqua you go down to skirt the Orcia river and then head to Pienza going up from the Terrapille valley made famous as "gladiator valley" by the famous film, then a crossing of the ideal city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as Pope Pius II wanted it to then head to a clayey territory towards the famous church of Vitaleta, now an icon of the Val d'Orcia, another important stop will be the Gladiator's house (also referred to in the film), Poggio Manzuoli, from here we will descend to the Toma stream to resume the original via Cassia on a short stretch of asphalt with its curves where the passage of 100 miles by car was once exalted, at this point you enter the valley of Triboli, famous for its cypress grove, symbol of Made in Italy y, you reverse the route and go back to San Quirico d'Orcia, a beautiful village on the Via Francigena, still on the same road you reach the fortress of Vignoni and then go down to ford the river at the "Mulina", we are almost at the end but the climb begins to conquer the Rocca ..... the Rocca d'Orcia with its Tower of Tentennano that up there is waiting impatiently for your passage to give you the push of the last km.


These are the gate times after these times will not be guaranteed any assistance:
  • Pienza                                            (km 14)                                                             
  • Fine Cassia inizio Triboli           ( km 24)                                    
  •  San Quirico d'Orcia                   ( km 35)                 
  •  hourly limit 12,00 h                                                                                        
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