race regulation





The sporting event is called "Tuscany Crossing" will have a semi-competitive form.

The organization of the competition is entrusted to the ASD SIENARUNNERS, an amateur sports association.

The “TC” takes place in southern Tuscany, in the Val d'Orcia Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The 100 mile race starts at 5.15pm on Friday 24 september 2021 with departure from Castiglione d'Orcia. Runners must reach the finish line no later than 34 hours to be eligible for a finisher's prize. The other races will start on Saturday 25 september at 5.30.

All entrants must strictly adhere to the rules and pre-race briefing to remain eligible for the prize.

The race course will be for the most part on typical Tuscan landscapes, with most of white roads, paths and asphalt with a percentage of less than 20%, crossing the most beautiful villages in Tuscany.


Registration requirements

Athletes of age in possession of a sports medical certificate for competitive activity, valid at least until september 26, 2021, can register. Athletes who are serving suspensions for doping will not be accepted. No qualifying races are required for registration, but it is still recommended to have participated in other long trails.

The athlete must take note of the length and particularities of the test which differs substantially from other competitions and to be aware that his participation requires a high physical preparation necessary to overcome situations that require great capacity for physical and psychological personal autonomy, because the hills apparently sweet, although beautiful, are relentless in their challenge and relentless to the ill-prepared

It is mandatory that each participant is in possession of a valid competitive medical certificate for athletics, the same must be sent by e-mail or delivered directly when the bib is collected. Otherwise, the registration will be canceled without any right to reimburse the fee paid.




On January 24, registrations will reopen for everyone and pre-emptions will no longer be valid, until the maximum closed number is reached.


Registration fees


TC100M 160 km € 155.00

TC100K 103 km € 90.00

TC50K 46 km € 55.00


The registration fee includes:

race bib

assistance and refreshments along the route and at the end of the race

race pack

Souvenir technical shirt

Finisher award

Good meal

race bib



There are no cash prizes.

The first 10 men and the first 10 women for each race and the first three mef Express Team will be awarded

The awards will take place on Saturday 25 september by 8.00 pm.

For no reason the prizes will be sent or delivered in advance.

CIf you are unable to participate, your withdrawal must be notified by e-mail to info@tuscanycrossing.com.


Due to a health emergency all registrations will be transferred to the new date which will be 24/25 September 2021 and those who cancel within one month of the announcement of the postponement (announced on 20/01/2021) will receive a 75 % refund, or transferred to 2022, after which the 50 % refund will apply (this choice will only be possible once before the registration deadline of 23/08/2021).

- Cancellation before 20/02/2021: 75% of the fee
- Cancellation before 23/08/2021: 50% of the fee
- Cancellation after 23/08/2021: no refund.
If the 2021 event is also cancelled in September, all registrations will be transferred to 2022 or refunded at 75 %.

- It will be possible to transfer the entry to another person on payment of an additional € 10.00 secretarial fee, subject to notification on 23 August 2021.
The reimbursement of the fee, net of bank charges, will take place by 31 August 2021 in the manner indicated at the time of withdrawal.
In the event of cancellation of the race due to force majeure, up to 10 days before the event, the organisation reserves the right to refund a percentage equal to 50% of the registration fee paid or to transfer it to a new edition. This percentage is justified by the many expenses that the organisation has already incurred and which it cannot recover.
In case of interruption or cancellation of the race due to weather conditions or any other reason beyond the control of the Organisation, no reimbursement will be due to the participants.
(Modified on 01/02/2021)






How to register

On Line following the instructions on the website www.tuscanycrossing.com



The athlete relieves the organization from any kind of responsibility for medical problems that could happen to him before, during and after the race, as he is informed of the medical contraindications that concern him.

In the event that it is necessary to activate 118, including the possible use of a helicopter, the costs deriving from the intervention of structures external to those of the organization, both before, during and after, cannot be attributed to the organization itself.

The athlete participates under his own responsibility in the event, relieving the organizing company from any responsibility for damage done or suffered by / or people, animals or things, before, during and after the event.

  1. Familiarity: knowledge of the course offers physical and mental advantages during the race, take care to study the difficulties well. Particular attention should be given to those sections that you expect to run in the dark, when your mental and physical energy may be low.

  2. Night running: in races where a large part of the race will be done at night, in addition to the mandatory light it is advisable to have a second one and spare batteries. If the lights fail, wait for another runner with a light.

  3. Weather: As temperatures during the ride can vary from 0 ° 30 ° degrees, participants must be prepared for both extremes. Weather conditions are unpredictable and can change rapidly.

  4. Crossing the river: along the route the runners will have to ford rivers and streams, the ford is dangerous and MUST NOT BE ATTEMPTED WHEN RUNNING. On the day of the ride, a guide rope will be stretched across the river, with staff available for assistance.

  5. Signage: The signs of the course will consist of signal tape, arrows and other signs that will be communicated before the start. In addition, reflectors will be placed on the course for the dark hours. The Staff do their best to provide a properly signposted course, but runners need to remain constantly alert as they compete. Occasionally, people not associated with the event may alter or remove the signs. A working knowledge of the route, the road book and the GPS track will be of infinite help for the runner.

  6. Changing Bags: Ride Management will provide transportation for changing bags to the locations specified on the Map. This service is provided to help unmanned racers. Those with adequate support are asked not to overload our volunteers with unnecessary bags. Bags must be securely tied, clearly numbered and deposited at the appropriate collection station established for each checkpoint prior to departure. Change bags must pass through an opening of 40 cm. You are limited to one bag per rescue station. Please do not use paper bags, shoe boxes or anything made of paper-like products. These can get wet easily. It is imperative that runners do not leave perishable items in their bags. DO NOT put glass bottles in change bags.

  7. The bags will be returned to the TUSCANY center as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of each runner to claim their bags. If you can't get your bags back, ask someone else to do it for you. Collection bags must be claimed by 10:00 am on Sunday. Any bags left after the event can be disposed of. DO NOT leave valuables in your bags. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for lost or damaged collection bags and their contents.

  8. Pickup: If you have to leave the race at a point where rescue is not available, we will make every reasonable effort to take you to the finish line or to the nearest main checkpoint still in operation, especially if you need medical attention. In non-emergency situations, it may take several hours before being evacuated. Runners who have to leave the race will be taken to the finish. Our primary responsibility is to put on a ride, not to shuttle for non-finishers; so in case please be patient. The rescue stations will close when the broom service arrives.

  9. Ethics of the race: please be courteous to hikers, tourists, motorists, the route will not be closed to traffic and runners will have to respect the rules of the road, volunteers on the route will not have the power to stop cars.

  10. Volunteers: Over 300 dedicated volunteers help with this race. They are truly the lifeblood of running and will do everything they can to make your day a success. Many spend more hours on the course than the runners themselves. Please be polite and remember to thank them. Without volunteers there would be no competitions like TUSCANY CROSSING.

  11. Insurance; Civil liability: The organization takes out civil liability insurance for the entire period of the event. The organization advises each participant to have their own personal insurance that covers participation in events such as Tuscany Crossing with accident, travel and evacuation costs coverage.

  12. NB: evacuation by helicopter in Italy is subject to charges.

  13. Image right; By registering with the TC, the athlete expressly authorizes the organization to acquire the free right, together with his partners, to use the still or moving images on which he may appear, taken during his participation in the event, on all visual aids as well as on promotional and / or advertising materials, produced and disseminated throughout the world and for all the maximum time provided by the laws, regulations, treaties in force, including any extension that may be made to the envisaged period.

  14. Acceptance; By registering and paying the fee, the participant accepts these regulations without reservation.


TC rules

The purpose of these rules is to ensure the regularity of the race and individual performance, providing equal conditions for all. The guiding principles of the rules of conduct are as simple as: run fairly, run safe and respect the environment.

Violations of any TC rules or guidelines may constitute grounds for disqualification for one or more years, or other penalties such as time penalties, fines and / or disqualifications from awards.

  1. The official race number of each runner must be worn prominently on the front of the body and must be easily visible at all times.

  2. Runners must follow the marked trail at all times. Any runner who leaves the official course must return to the exit point on foot before continuing.

  3. Each runner must complete the entire course without external assistance. No physical or mechanical aids are allowed, the use of treeking poles is allowed.

  4. Any assistance cannot be provided outside the established points (refreshment area) except in the case of any medical assistance

  5. Runners must comply with the race rules, regulations issued by the Clerk of the Course in the pre-race emails and at the pre-race briefing on Friday afternoon or otherwise be disqualified.

  6. Each runner must be registered or controlled from all checkpoints.

  7. All time limits will be strictly enforced. Runners must be OUT of the control point BEFORE the time limit. Runners returning to the checkpoint after the deadline will be eliminated from the race.

  8. Additional monitoring of individual runners may be required at the discretion of medical personnel.

  9. Refusal by the runner to cooperate fully may result in immediate disqualification.

  10. Each runner must fully disclose any changes to existing medical conditions and all prescribed medications to medical staff at the pre-race check-in.

  11. The medical / health staff can in their sole discretion suspend the participant from the race by invalidating the bib. Rescuers are authorized to evacuate by all means of their convenience the participants judged to be in danger. The use of anti-inflammatory infiltrations by the medical staff is not allowed. If it is necessary to use injection anti-inflammatories, the competitor will be stopped and transported to a medical post for health checks.

  12. Runners must refrain from any act of bad sportsmanship.

  13. Smoking is not permitted at any of the checkpoints or along the route.

  14. Any runner who is unable to complete the race must personally inform the nearest rescue station or checkpoint of their decision to retire. The runner must hand over the gps detector and bib at that time. All of this serves as an official notification of a runner's retirement from running. Runners who abandon the course without handing over the tracker and bib will be classified as "lost", thus potentially activating the search and rescue unit. Time spent looking for such a runner can be billed to the runner.

  15. Runners who cross the finish line after the time limit will not be listed as official finishers.

  16. CT has a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Any athlete who has been determined to have violated anti-doping rules or policies, relied on by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) or any other national sports federation is ineligible for the enrollment in the TC. Any athlete who refuses to undergo doping controls, if selected for testing, must be disqualified and subject to a lifetime ban from TC.

  17. In case of bad weather conditions, weather warnings and for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend the race in progress, to modify the time barriers or to divert the transit of the race on asphalted sections.


Obligatory material:

1. Water reserve min 1 liter.

2. Hydration pack or double bottle.

3. Energy bars or equivalent food.

4. Waterproof Windproof Jacket

5. Emergency sheet

6. Whistle

7. Headlamp with spare battery

8. Compulsory competitive medical certificate

9. Mobile phone charged

The use of the following material is strongly recommended:

1. Hat or bandana and gloves

2. Trail shoes

3. Spare headlamp

Timing and GPS tracking

Timekeeping by Cronorun

GPS tracking by Sportracks

Each participant in the 160 km and 100 km will be given a GPS locator to be returned at the end of the event.

Please Note

- The GPS tracker will be delivered when the bib is collected

- Failure or incorrect use of the chip and GPS will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non-attribution of the time taken.

- When collecting the race bib and the GPS, check that both correspond as a Number

- Regarding the use of GPS, it is recommended to strictly follow the methods and information included in the package.

- The GPS is strictly personal and cannot be exchanged

- The GPS must be returned to the pits in the finish area to the personnel in charge, even for athletes withdrawn or not started. In case of non-delivery, the athlete will be charged € 50.


Timetable gates

- Time gates will be set up to allow competitors and a shuttle service so that competitors do not remain on the course without assistance. The time gates will be announced as soon as possible, they are calculated at 5 km per hour, after these times no assistance will be guaranteed and the competitors will be out of the race. (Means exit times)


The race takes place in a natural park and totally protected ecosystems. Competitors must behave respectfully to the environment, in particular avoiding littering, picking flowers or harassing the fauna. Anyone surprised to abandon waste along the route will be disqualified from the race and will incur any penalties provided for by municipal regulations.

Each competitor must bring a glass or a water bottle to be filled at the refreshment points. The event adheres to the campaign promoted by Spirito Trail "I do not throw my waste".


It runs in semi-self-sufficiency with the obligation of a water supply of one liter.

The food and drinks of the refreshment points must be consumed only on site; water bottles or camelbags can only be filled with natural water. At the start of each refreshment, the runners must have the quantity of water and food necessary to reach the next refreshment point.

Upon arrival there will be an additional refreshment.

On the way there are several rivers, fountains and inhabited centers where it is possible to stock up on water.

Any purchase of food or drinks in unauthorized places is the responsibility of the competitor.



Violating any of the TC rules or regulations is an extremely serious matter. Consequently, the alleged violation of a rule by another runner is very serious. Protests must be submitted by a registered operator and must be submitted using the following procedure:

  1. Report the alleged violation to the runner while the incident occurs. Find a witness to the alleged violation, if possible.

  2. Report the alleged violation with the rider's name and number to the next available rescue station judge.

  3. Report the alleged written violation at the finish to the Race Director.

  4. All protests must be submitted by 10.30 am on the Sunday following the race.

  5. The written protest must include the name of the person who made the complaint.

  6. Both parties will be invited to discuss the complaint with the Committee at noon on Sunday when a decision will be made on whether to refuse the alleged violator the award.

  7. In case of oversights or various omissions in the race regulations, the decision rests with the race director as well as the final judgment on all parties.

  8. A final resolution of the problem can be taken by the UISP Territorial Committee approximately two weeks after the race.

  9. In case of oversights or various omissions in the race regulations, the decision rests with the race director as well as the final judgment on all parties.

  10. The director of the race called "TUSCANY CROSSING" will be appointed by the organizing committee and assisted by the UISP judges.