Virtual Tuscany 20


These are the paths that will lead us to the next edition of the "Tuscany Crossing" .. from May 15th to December 31st they will be covered by the participants in the "Virtual Tuscany", they will be usable by all those who want to experience Valdorcia to train, run or walking, in every country or village you can find fountains or shops to stock up on solids and liquids ... respecting the rules COVID of the moment.


  • Download or follow a track of one of our published routes.

  • The departure can be made from any point of the route, the important thing will be to close the ring.

  • Go through and record your test with any gps or mobile device.

  • Send the track of your test by email or publish it on facebook page : TuscanyTrailCrossing 

  • Publish photos and comments (optional).

  • We will update monthly a virtual ranking for each route with the performance (times etc. checked and verified) and a final ranking on who has covered the most kilometers in six months on these paths.


50 km

Green heart


The "Top" route of Valdorcia, the dream... the land of wind and desert, the landscape that the world envies us, will be the new symbol of the revival of slow walking, of the new Ultramarathon and Ultratrail. 

51 km 1530 m D +

The "Green Heart Tuscany" route is a 50 km loop, a journey through the symbolic places of Valdorcia, through the Baths of Bagno Vignoni, the Rocche di Vignoni Alto and Tentennano, the villages of Castiglione d'Orcia, San Quirico d'Orcia and Pienza (Unesco heritage) the churches, the cypresses, the places made famous by the film "Il Gladiatore", will be the 50 km route also part of the "Tuscany Crossing 103 km and 160 km" the Ultra Marathon par excellence.

The route is practicable at any time of the year, even if in case of rain or mud it can be difficult for the clay soil, if it is done independently there is the possibility of refreshment points (bars or shops) and water:

6 ° km Bagno Vignoni

20 ° km Pienza

40 km San Quirico d'Orcia

43 ° km Vignoni high

46 ° km Bagno Vignoni


50 km


50 cdo.png

Once completely within the Municipality of Castiglione d'Orcia, it crosses the Orcia and Formone valleys, goes up to Amiata and touches the towns of Gallina, Bagni San Filippo, Campiglia d'Orcia and Vivo d'Orcia, rich places of history and culture.

50 km 1620 m D +

Will it be part of the 103 km and 100 miles route and perhaps other Tuscany Autumn events ??

The route is all within the Municipality of Castiglione d'Orcia descends into the valley touching various pieces of the Via Francigena, passing through Gallina, a hamlet located on the 43rd parallel and then continuing along the lower part along the Orcia river, until you reach Bagni San Filippo, spa famous for its limestone formations "the white whale" and the white ditch, from here it starts to rise gently first then once reached Campiglia d'Orcia begins the ascent to the highest part of the race in the enchanted forest del Vivo d'Orcia, from here the return to Castiglione d'Orcia begins ... the route is very varied between cart tracks, dirt roads and paths.

Path that can always be traveled all year round and if it is done independently, there is the possibility of refreshment points and water:

12 ° km Gallina

25 ° km Bagni San Filippo

30 ° km Campiglia d'Orcia

37 ° km Vivo d'Orcia.


30 km

of the waters

30 cdo.png

30 km in the southern part of the Municipality of Castiglione d'Orcia, a wooded area rich in both warm and cold waters that flow from Monte Amiata

31 km 1080 m D +

Part of the 50 km CDO route, you can start from any of the three villages in the southern part of the Municipality of Castiglione d'Orcia: Bagni San Filippo, Campiglia d'Orcia and Vivo d'Orcia. It is certainly the most unknown part of the different but fascinating Valdorcia, they are places rich in both warm and cold waters that flow from the slopes of Mount Amiata. In Bagni San Filippo there are some of the warmest thermal waters in Europe which give rise to limestone formations along the "white ditch" and give life to the famous "white whale" natural sculpture formed over the years, in the woods of Vivo d'Orcia instead a source of cold water gushes that has always provided drinking water up to Siena, Campigli d'Orcia is also a real terrace on the valley but they are also places rich in history and culture.

15 km

of cypresses

15 km 480D +

15 km    480 D+

the door of the Valdorcia: the Triboli Valley famous for its cypresses, an icon of Italy throughout the world

13 km

Rocca d'Orcia

12.5 km 580 D +


Castiglione d'Orcia, Valdistenti, Bagno Vignoni climb from Francigena to Rocca d'Orcia