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just walk

no running

Non-competitive walk

km 54          D+1550 mt

Castiglione d'Orcia (SI)

will leave on the night between Friday 19 April and Saturday 
20 April 2024 at  00.00


walk, breathe and dream
in the green heart of the Val d'Orcia

UNESCO Heritage Park


Live Tuscany in a slow way
in the heart  verde  of Valdorcia

A unique experience ..... the path of the Valdorcia, the journey that you will never want to leave, you will never have enough of admiring "the great beauty" what nature has given but that the hand of man has shaped to your liking.

You will leave at midnight, you will travel back in time, you will cross wonderful villages without the chaos of tourism, the beauty of Bagno Vignoni and San quirico d'Orcia you will enjoy the dawn in Valdorcia, you will reach Pienza crossing the Gladiator valley, you will listen to the testimonies of those who has passed through these places: Saints, Popes, poets, painters, great leaders but also brigands who wrote history .... and here everything has remained intact over time, traditions handed down over the centuries, monuments and villages that speak of lived history .......... the Valdorcia "land of wind and desert" as defined by Mario Luzi, rich in fine wines, olive oil, cold cuts, cheeses, fine meats .... icon of made in Italy will show you the spring festival with its myriad of colors and scents.

It will be a real festival of slow living

walking with the Ultratrailers who will face the now traditional "Tuscany Crossing" the Ultra journey of 50/100/160 km

Refreshments and time gates

(the closing times of the gates are considered exiting  )

NB the km  of places can be approximate  


   km 13   San Quirico d'Orcia      (RESTAURANT)

   km 22   Pienza                        (RESTAURANT)                

   km 29   Monticchiello             (RESTAURANT)                time gate  11.00 am  

   km 46   Gallina                     (RESTAURANT                  time gate  13.30  

   km 50   Water Point          


                                 TIME  MAXIMUM   HOURS  16  

cancelli e reg
Percorso 54
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