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Without VOLUNTEERS there is no



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We will beWe are happy that you are interested in becoming one of the many VOLUNTEERS of the tenth edition TUSCANY CROSSING !!!

The role ofVOLUNTEERit is precious and fundamental for TC…without you the event could not be realized.

Volunteering is the basis on which all activities are based, it is the real engine of CT…before, during and after the race!

This is why we want to give the utmost importance to the role you play and to remember the various contexts in which you can offer your time for a perfect realization of the CT.


What does it mean to become a TUSCANY CROSSING VOLUNTEER?

First of all, it means fully entering the staff of the event…then it means living a unique experience in close contact with the athletes, the organizers, the television and moving in a young and international environment; have fun together with your old friends and make new friends... in short, feel like an active part of the TC and make your time available to collaborate on the various aspects that the TC requires:

  • Setting up stages, clubs, refreshments, kitchens, etc.

  • Positioning of barriers, inflatables, banners, etc.

  • Catering service, refreshment service, etc.

  • Service clearing and cleaning restaurant tables

  • Race packs, delivery of bib numbers, info on timetables, refreshments, etc.

  • Delivery of medals upon arrival of the participants

  • General assistance to the participants (gym, showers, pasta parties, awards...)

  • Other…………

How do I do to sign up?

  • Fill out the form that you can download here and send it by email

  • take part in the Volunteer aperitif 

How long do I have to help?

  • You will decide how much time you want to dedicate to TC…the longer you stay with us, the more you will experience TC and contribute to raising the quality level of the event.

We remind you that there is a

Pre-race: Local preparation, race packs, bib numbers, etc….

During the race: various information, restaurant service, refreshment service, medal delivery, etc.

Post-race: dismantling of the start/finish area, waste collection, etc.




 tel 3938656521

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