Unfortunately this year will not be the usual Tuscany Crossing, but we will run .. after a year and a half we will resume the start.

Certainly, as announced, we will not have the highlights of our welcome, the pasta party with attached briefing and the gym available for overnight stays.

We will try if possible to guarantee post-race showers.

As you know, our commitment was maximum to create an event that is a certainty for all our athletes with the aim of your safety and the volunteers and from them came the will to restart but in safety, therefore to enter the race it was decided to ask for the Green Pass or swab carried out within 48 hours as per the latest regulations (we will provide a point for quick swabs upon reservation).



These rules are dictated above all by the will of the volunteers who are an integral part of the event without which we could not compete.

How to access the bib collection:

  • Measurement of fever

  • showing the green pass or pad, an anti-tear bracelet will be given that the athlete must bring with him to access the indoor areas and the refreshment points.

  • Disinfect your hands

  • always keep a distance of at least 1 meter

  • wear the mask

Race day:

  • It is advisable to have more than one mask with you

  • In the starting area wear the mask

  • access the check mark and the starting area with mask and spacer

  • after the start you can remove the mask after 500 meters (preferably out of the village)

  • ALWAYS wear a mask at the refreshment points when accessing indoors

  • It is advisable to have an alcohol-based gel with you to disinfect your hands



Letter from the organizing committee

Someone will ask us why we will ask for an outdoor competition should include the obligation of the green pass or buffer.

It is not our intention to make a distinction between good and bad, we are neither legislators nor is it our task to take positions on the matter, but it will still be a way to protect our position as organizers also towards the volunteers who will help us in their already difficult. task, so we trust in the understanding and respect of the athletes.

In the moments outside the race such as: the delivery of bibs, changing comfortably, taking pictures with your friend, having the opportunity to take a regenerating shower upon arrival, regaining strength by eating a nice plate of hot pasta or a piece of cheese, drink a beer  here the "open area" becomes a "closed area".

First of all we want to guarantee safety, not only during the competition period but throughout the whole event.

Chatting and discussing with fellow travelers, discussing the results, discussing the race, will become moments to remember with joy.

For these simple reasons, we ask those who participate to respect the provisions required by the legislation and those that we, as organizers, have decided to apply.

Gps tracks, routes, regulations and mandatory material

On the site you can find the updated information, read the updated GPS track regulation carefully (the latest measures have been made) and in case of changes we will update you.



Just over a month away from our event, preparations are underway and finally the 8th edition of Tuscany Crossing has restarted its organizational machine.

This edition is perhaps the most awaited by all of us and by the athletes who in these periods have not made us lack their support, the format will be the same as in recent years with four races: 100 miles, 103 and 53 km and the 103 km relay : 4.

The novelty of this edition is assumed to be the measures that are imposed on us and that as a committee we will have to respect and enforce, in the light of the latest decree at present we will not ask for Green Pass or anything else to compete, moreover at the present time it is not required for individual outdoor sports but this certification will be required to access indoor activities.

Let's say immediately that it will not be the usual Tuscany as we will have to avoid gatherings anyway, so the athletes will receive the race briefing online, there will be no pre-race pasta party and also the delivery of the bibs will take place with spacing and fever measurement.

Those who have the green pass or tampon in the last 48 hours exhibiting it at the bib collection will be able to access the indoor premises for showers and final refreshments, for the others the classic final refreshment will have to be carried out outdoors and it will not be possible to access the showers.

At the start you will access with a mask that can be removed after 500 meters and a distance of at least 1 meter, at the refreshment points the athletes will receive portioned food and it will be mandatory to drink on the spot (after all, as always in the trail).

It is not our intention to make a distinction between good and bad, we are neither legislators nor is it our task to take positions on the matter, but it will still be a way to protect our position as organizers also towards the volunteers who will help us in their already difficult. task, so we trust in the understanding and respect of the athletes.

However, we will also prepare a point for quick swabs upon reservation for those who wish to use them and thus obtain the possibility of obtaining the momentary green pass.

This is our current position as a committee and in any case if there are new provisions we will adhere to the measures of the authorities and we will keep the athletes informed.


Tuscany Crossing Press Release

The Organizing Committee of the "Tuscany Crossing" has decided to postpone the 2021 event again,

The date as announced through social media will be the weekend 24/25 September 2021….

We can say that we could wait, after the date of April there are three months left and anything can happen ... true but preparing an Ultra that is 50 or 100 km or 100 miles is not easy, in any way you want to do it takes training and time for the programming and for this we would not have been respectful towards the athletes.

The government has extended the state of Emergency to April 30 and the DCPM is valid until March 5.

We had already expressed our concerns in the November communiqué and we had already established the reserve date by evaluating our provincial calendar.

The area where the race takes place, which we ourselves do not define as a pure trail if intended to run only through woods and mountains ... is rich in nature and history, through villages and rural centers that in this period have remained on the edge of the health emergency but the departure of 800 athletes from a village of 1000 inhabitants could be seen as a threat.

Our desire to restart as an organization is great but we have to deal with these realities and with the associations that have always supported us and at this time they may be in difficulty in finding volunteers, probably in September hoping for the attenuation of the virus in the summer and the vaccine. the situation should be better or at least not worse than now.

The strong point of our competition was the party, dinner or lunch before and after, the night all together in the gym, breakfast at any time of the morning or night waiting for the departure and arrival of the last broom ... party and welcome to the passage in the countries, the weekend in company, the holiday with the family, the comparison and exchange with trailers from all over the world (we have always had 20% of foreigners) all things that in this moment I'm in doubt.

At this moment we should have run the races with the protocols you know with refreshments reduced to a minimum differentiated departures, without showers or gyms, everything possible but as a Committee we do not feel it ... it is not our Tuscany that we have created and that we want to keep.

Registrations will reopen for everyone on January 24th until the maximum number of 900 people for all races is reached… pre-registered participants have had a pre-registration voucher which will expire on January 23rd…. Those who have not confirmed on that date will have to start from scratch. All instructions can be found on our website.

REGULATION for postponements and refunds:

In the event of a further postponement of the race due to a health emergency, all registrations will be transferred to the new date which will be 24/25 September 2021 and those who renounce within one month of the suspension will be able to receive a refund of 75%, or transferred to 2022, after the 50% refund as above will be valid, if the 2021 event is canceled also in September all registrations will be passed to 2022 or refunded at 75%.


* 14/01/2021 2021 SURVEY


11/11/2020 PRESS RELEASE

The organizing committee of Tuscany Crossing, which met following the current situation of the health emergency due to COVID-19 and the developments of the same, decided as follows:

  1. The date of the eighth edition of Tuscany Crossing is confirmed as previously communicated will be 23/24 April 2021,

  2. In the first days of January 2021, participants will be asked to confirm and regularize their position, in the case of unconfirmed registrations or an increase in participants on January 15, registrations will be reopened until the available places are completed.

  3. The committee has also decided on a reserve date in the event of postponement which will be 24/25 September 2021.

  4. The shorter distance will return to 53 km (due to the fact of combining the routes as much as possible and obtaining a better distribution of refreshments.

  5. On the site you will find the traces of the race routes (not 100% definitive)

This decision to prepare a reserve date right now is due to the current situation, all of us would have hoped at the time of the postponement decided in April 2020 to have been able to act safely at this point, but the current situation of the exit of possible treatments and above all a mass vaccination and in any case an end of the emergency in a short time does not bode well at the moment.

We all would like to keep the original date because our race was born to enhance the Val d'Orcia in spring at the best time for its colors, but we must also think about the fact that ours is not just a race for us but it is above all a event for our territory, an event that not only moves the 800 athletes registered to date (we would like even more ..), but with them move families who come to spend days of leisure in our farmhouses and hotels, about 500 and passes volunteers who work for free to welcome athletes so on balance in those days around the event gravitate over 2000 people.

In addition we would not want to give up those moments of conviviality that have characterized us in previous years, the briefing, the pre-race and post-race lunch or dinner, after all, all the athletes will have to eat either with us or in restaurants, we have always available the gym and spaces where you can sleep independently both before and after the race and all simple and beautiful things in normality but today not easy.

As previously said, our wish is to run in April, in the early days of 2021 we should have a clearer picture of the situation ... and maybe that will be the time for further clarifications, we trust in the understanding of the participants who have learned during these to appreciate our passion and our fairness and we would like to continue to maintain them, we will also conduct a survey among the registered athletes to make them participate in our decisions.

07/31/2020 BOOK 2021

New 2021 running events in Valdorcia: April will be the highlight, a long week, a real party among the colors of spring, on April 18 we will start walking with "the Way of the Valdorcia" a new event that will start from San Quirico d 'Orcia and will travel through the green heart of the Valdorcia, the great beauty UNESCO World Heritage Site, a beautiful route of 45 km that will touch the most beautiful and most famous places and that the whole world envies us, just think of the Cypresses, Bagno Vignoni, the Rocca d 'Orcia to the places made famous by films such as Gladiator, Pienza and the Madonna di Vitaleta, there will also be the possibility of making shorter distances of 15 and 24 km. It will be the prologue to the great race, the "Tuscany Crossing, the famous Ultramarathon whose 7th edition has been postponed due to health emergencies to April 23, the day on which it will start from Castiglione d'Orcia at 17 the 100 miles while the next day will be the turn of the other races and here too there will be something new: the shortest distance will no longer be 50 km but will be extended to 46 km (the Green Heart), unchanged but with a restyling of the routes the 103 km and the legendary 100 miles. From 1 August pre-registrations for the two events will be available and will remain open until 31 December or upon reaching the maximum number of participants, after which they must be regularized. In the "Tuscany Crossing" the remaining places will be available, in fact a limited number with a maximum of 320 members for each of the distances, while over 500 athletes have confirmed their 2020 registration, these are the places left: 112 bibs for the 46 km, 142 bibs for the 103 km and 200 for the 100 miles.



As already announced through social media, due to the Corona Virus emergencies, the “Tuscany Crossing 2020” event has been canceled and postponed to 23 April 2021.

· We communicate that all registrations will be maintained for the next edition.

For those who do not want to postpone the registration we will stick to what is mentioned in the regulation:

“In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure, up to 10 days before the event, the Organization reserves the right to refund a percentage equal to 50% of the registration fee paid. This percentage is justified by the many expenses that the Organization has already carried out and which it cannot recover. "


Those who want to keep their registration for 2021 do not have to do anything, it will be transferred automatically, please do not send emails so as not to force us to additional work during this period.


from April 4th to April 30th

1) If you paid by credit card online we will send you the link where you can directly access your private area and this will be done by directly crediting the card with which you paid.

2) If you want a refund by bank transfer you must notify us by email by communicating the IBAN.

Trying to meet as quickly as possible, the deadline we intend to meet will be as mentioned in the regulation "The reimbursement of the fee, net of bank charges, will be made by 31 August 2020".

In the hope that this bad time will pass quickly for everyone, we wish all of you and your families to resume a normal life soon. In thanking you, the volunteers, the sponsors who support the event and the municipalities involved for the trust shown so far, we say goodbye to April 23, 2021.

* 22/03/2020 THE 2020 EDITION CANCELED


Yes, we must announce it too, given that many people are asking us what will happen to the 8th edition of Tuscany Crossing here is the official decision: we will go directly to 2021.

Given the situation of COVID-19 and considering that an event like ours has moved thousands of people over the years as athletes (who are not training at the moment), tourists and above all volunteers who at this moment have other things to think about, do not have the we feel we can postpone the event in the current year for the simple reason that it will take time to recover from this situation and autumn is already full of events.

The new date will be 23 April for the 100 miles and 24 April 2021 for the other races and we will try to work to further improve the event.

As for the refunds or the possibility of transferring the registration you will be contacted and we will notify you of the modalities after April 3.