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was born

The idea of Tuscany Crossing was born in 2012 by two organizers and practitioners of Trail Running, a discipline almost unknown in Tuscany and so that Aurelio Michelangeli proposed to Roberto Amaddii  who had started organizing events in the area to organize the first 100 km in Tuscany and what better area could there be than the Val d'Orcia, a UNESCO heritage park since 2004. Thus began the great challenge Roberto, a connoisseur of the area having been born and lived there, begins to travel and trace the routes, the location was chosen in Castiglione d'Orcia, the central place of Valdorcia which with its fortress will become the symbol of the race.

our aim was to create a local event

Right from the start in Castiglione d'Orcia you can sense the desire of a people who immediately embrace the idea of creating an important event, the organization is almost at a family level but the will and passion are not lacking.

The main aim is to create a sense of pride and belonging in the local community, promote awareness of local traditions and encourage a form of responsible sports tourism. An event that not only celebrates sport and trail running but also  the unique cultural heritage of the area, and which can contribute to the growth of the local economy through the promotion of businesses and tourism.

An event that demonstrates how the passion of the people who live in an area can be transformed into an opportunity to share through sport and local culture, promoting the sustainable development of an area. 

Roberto Amaddii's task has always been to find and coordinate people, groups and associations who had a common objective: the desire to make Valdorcia, the territory and local traditions known across long distances. Trail running offers the opportunity to explore beautiful natural environments, such as woods, mountains, hiking trails and breathtaking landscapes and in Valdorcia in the most complete Tuscany there can be, it is easy to discover how rewarding it is to run in these scenarios. 

Year after year the organizing committee has grown with enthusiasm and passion, the hard core formed by the community of Castiglione d'Orcia has increased, also involving the associations of the neighboring towns, there are four municipalities involved and 14 villages crossed which contribute with their refreshments to the success of an event that has grown over time.

During these editions the ideas did not stop, new proposals coming from Roberto Amaddii were endorsed by the whole territory and new challenges arose which contributed to the growth of interest and participants.


our engine

over the years thevolunteering has been the pillar of Tuscany Crossing.

In addition to the locals, over the years collaborations and friendships have also been consolidated with people, athletes who collaborate with us and are now Valdorcians by adoption. LOur strength lies in the fact that many people, driven by a deep personal motivation or a sense of responsibility, join us to tackle problems and challenges such as the development of sports activities, tourism, environmental protection and many others.  ;

Another important challenge was the introduction of Plogging, a discipline that combines sport with waste collection    

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