(161 km    5590 D+)

Friday 17 april 2020        5.15 pm


time limit 34 hours                       6 point  itra


The main recommendation to those who participate is to calibrate the refreshments well, pay attention to distances and manage well the autonomy of water and food , the Val d'Orcia is land of wind and desert and can easily deceive, remember that it is a semi-autonomous race. From one refreshment to the other there can be several km and can pass some time, so it is essential to have all the obligatory material and leave nothing to chance, read the rules of the race, have the phone turned on (it is advisable to have a power bank), make sure you have an efficient lamp with spare batteries. Remember that your race conduct depends exclusively on YOU, the route is traced but it is advisable to have the gps track or download the map.


In the 100 Miles there are traits that you will travel twice but.. never in the same way… for the first 60 km you have to follow the arrows on white background .. then after the passage to Castiglione d'Orcia you will enter the official path of 103 km and follow the arrows on yellow background, the ribbon will be white-blue with the brand Hoka oneone 100 miles “Tuscany Crossing” will leave Friday, April 17 from the Rocca of tentennano, military tower that dominates over the whole valdorcia…. will be visible in most of the route, then you will cross the village of Castiglione d'Orcia and you will go down into the valley and you will take the Strada del Pozzo in the south direction which is part of the Via Francigena, up to 8° km where at Podere Tavoleto you turn right and go up towards Poggio Bicchieri, we head to Campiglia d’Orcia, once in the village we find the 1° refreshment at km 11 approximately, cross the village and on a stretch asphalted we head towards Bagni San Filippo, at 14° about km turn left on a dirt road and descend with beautiful views of the Rocca di radicofani up to the crossing of the highway, ( km 16,5 / 429 slm) then starts the climb… you get to the "Balena Bianca” imposing limestone casting, which is part of the free baths of Bagni San Filippo, you cross the small village and climb again on asphalt to the road that leads to Campiglia d'Orcia, to km 20 where you turn left and enter the forest .. we are on the path that will take you to Poggio zoccolino (km 23,5 / 1050 mt slm) then turn left again and at the asphalt turning right you go down to the village Vivo d'Orcia where you find the 2° refreshment ( km 26,5) descend after the village on a white road, cross the state road in the locality I Lecci holding on the left, go back into the forest on the right and you will arrive at Podere San Martino ( km 31,5) where entering on the white road you turn first to the left and then to the right, continue straight on carrarecce, before the Beccacervelli farm we keep on the left on the field until the refuge of the forest of the “ Capannini”begins the climb in clay, disconnected (38° Km approx) we keep on the left, then again on the right we go up towards the Borgheretto where the 3° refreshment ( Km 38,5), begins the descent towards the gorges of Orcia on the white road, at km 42 about turn right into direz Montelaccio always on a dirt road we keep right, after 2 km at the Montelaccio farm we keep left and walk a stretch of cart track, then made another 2.5 km we enter a single track that takes us in front of the Agriturismo Le Mulina, you turn left and you come to the river Orcia, you ford the river and on single track you start to climb towards the village of Vignoni Alto where you find the fourth refreshment 51 km about, you exit and after 100 mt you turn right, after another 600 meters of turn again to the right and the descent begins that takes us back to the river under Bagno vignoni, you pass on the wooden bridge ( km 54 approximately,) and dsi continues straight into the valley, another ford on the river Onsola ( km 55 approx, if there is water) and along the stream and keeping us to the left you go up to Poggio Istiano then turn right, you go down on the vineyards and cross again the Onsola stream, you start the climb towards Castiglione, About 1 km and you turn left always on dirt road, after 500 meters right then right and left to the climb that leads us to the cemetery, we are at the events center Tuscany“” we get down and we keep to where we find the refreshments and bags (60° km approx)…. At this point we enter the stretch of the 100 km … change the arrows that from this point will be on yellow background, cross again the village of Castiglione then the Rocca d'Orcia and exit through the state road and turn right entering the Via Francigena on the left after 300 meters again on the right and you go down again arriving at the wooden bridge after it turns left and goes up to the park of the Mills arriving in Bagno vignoni, turn around Piazza d'Acqua and at the end of the descent on asphalt turn right and then left, along the river on single track to the provincial road in asphalt where you turn right for 600 meters, take a left on the white road direction Pienza for about 3.5 km then turn left uphill and then keeping to the right you enter the Valley of terrapille, famous for the film“the gladiator” at the top we arrive to the Pieve di Corsignano, you turn right and continue straight for 700 meters must turn left to enter Piazza Pio II in Pienza ( called the ideal city and UNESCO World Heritage City) after the refreshment starts again on the left you exit from Pienza on the promenade, terrace on Val d'Orcia and you enter the valley of the cretaiole s descends and climbs up on clay soil that in case of rain can be difficult, arrived to the next dirt road we keep to the left and after 500 meters we turn right and past a gate we arrive to the famous church of Our Lady of Vitaleta, after which we arrive to the provincial road , a stretch of asphalt of 900 meters and you enter San Quirico d'Orcia where we find the refreshment near the collegiate, we keep on the right and down the stairs you continue straight on the Via Francigena , you continue on white road for 4, approximately 5 km, turn right uphill and past the Podere Casalta you enter the Valley of Triboli famous for its cypresses, we walk uphill on clay soil and always straight out on the asphalted road “old Cassia”we keep first left and then right we enter on white road where was shot another famous movie”The English patient”, we walk 2 km and turn left we cross farms and vineyards, We are entering the Municipality of Montalcino, area of the famous wine “Il Brunello”.. we go down to torrenieri and we find another refreshment, we cross the village and at the exit Laciamo the asphalt turning left on the white road, we walk 5.5 km and turn left always in the middle of the vines and then start the climb of the canalicchio that leads to Montalcino, enter the village from the North Gate and go up to the refreshment /base life ( 107 KM gate 15.50) that we find in Via ricasoli then runs along the medieval fortress and after the roundabout at the Carabinieri barracks we keep right , take the path to Sant’Antimo and on a mixed single track–white road you exit in front of the Abbey and go up to Castelnuovo dell' Abate (refreshment 118 km) continue straight on a white road along the vineyards to the right fork for LE RIPI, descend towards the river Orcia, at the end of the descent turn left and go to ford the river Orcia, then you turn left to Pian di Meta and after a single track you exit at the farm Scarceta, you go right and after passing the shed of wild boars you turn left and start the climb on white road, at the top of a junction you go right and in front of the farm Le Case you turn left, after crossing the state road you will find the restaurant of the Borgheretto (km 130 gate 20.40) then descend into the Borro dei Capannini and after the refuge continue on a driveway always straight up to the farm San Martino where you go first to the left and then in front of the house you turn right, you go up into the woods towards Vivo d'Orcia you cross the road after the restaurant I lecci and we keep right until you get to the restaurant Vivo d'Orcia (142 km gate hours 22.50) after the refreshment we enter the forest of 'ermicciolo where flows the water that supplies the Val d'Orcia, we reach again the highest point of the race (1080 Mt) and begins the descent to campiglia d'Orcia last refreshment (149 km hourly gate 00.15) we head downhill towards the farm table where you turn left on the road of the Well, you continue to Travagliola farm where you turn left and start the hard final alert that will take you to the village and arrival.

Refreshments and time gates
(gate closing times are considered to be at exit )
NB km of places may be approximate

km 11        Campiglia d'Orcia

km 17       Bagni San Filippo                       

km 28       Vivo d'Orcia

km 40      Borgheretto                                                    gate closing     01.00 am  ( 8h 00')               

km 52       Vignoni Alto                

km 60      Castiglione d'Orcia     (life base)                gate closing       05.15 am  (12h 15')

km  73      Pienza                                                           

km 84       San Quirico d'Orcia                                    gate closing      10.10 am  (17h 10')

km 100     Torrenieri

km 110    Montalcino    (life base)                               gate closing     03.30 pm   (22h 30')

km 122     Castelnuovo Abate

km 133     Borgheretto                                                   gate closing     08.10 pm   (27h 10')

km 144     Vivo d'Orcia                                                 gate closing     10.10 pm   (29h 10')

km 150     Campiglia d'Orcia                                      

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