(161 km 5350 D +)

Friday 24th September 2021

time limit 34 hours 6 points itra

asphalt percentage 16% of which 9% through villages and towns



The 100 miles will start from the Rocca di Tentennano, about 1 km from the events center, will cross the village of Castiglione d'Orcia and will descend into the valley following the Via Francigena to Bagno Vignoni, after the tour of the famous water square, you will descend along the Orcia river and then head to Pienza going up from the Terrapille valley made famous as "gladiator valley" by the famous film, then a crossing of the ideal UNESCO World Heritage city as requested by Pope Pius II and then heading into a clayey territory towards the famous church of Vitaleta, now an icon of the Val d'Orcia, another important stop will be the house of the Gladiator (always referring to the film), Poggio Manzuoli, from here we will descend to the Toma stream to resume the original via Cassia on a short stretch of asphalt its curves where the passage of the 100-mile car was once exalted, here we leave the path of the other races and take the dirt road that leads us to the Abbey of Sant'Anna in Camprena (places made famous by the film "the English patient") go up until you cross Castelmuzio defined as "living room" you go up the Lecceto wood and you get to Petroio "home of terracotta", we are around buoy and go back down, enter the municipality of Montalcino crossing Montisi and San Giovanni d'Asso, famous for their medieval traditions and their truffles and olive oil products, thus reaching Torrenieri and climbing up to re-enter the path that then it will be in common with the 103 km road, you enter the valley of Triboli famous for its cypress grove, symbol of made in Italy, you reverse the route and go back to San Quirico d'Orcia, a beautiful village on the Via Francigena, always on the same road you reach the Rocca di Vignoni and then go down to ford the river at the "Mulina", after passing the life base we begin to climb to reach the highest point (1100 meters above sea level) after passing the Vivo d'Orcia its park of rises nti, the Hermitage of Ermicciolo and then descend towards the second thermal point, Bagni San Filippo with its famous limestone structure called "white whale", and then go up towards Campiglia d'Orcia, crossing the characteristic village begins the final part to go down towards Gallina, a hamlet crossed by the 46th parallel, last refreshment and 10 km to go up the Via Francigena until you reach the fortress.

The main recommendation to those who participate is to calibrate the refreshment points well, pay attention to the distances and manage water and food autonomy well, the Val d'Orcia is a land of wind and desert and can easily deceive, remember that it is a race in semi-autonomy. From one refreshment point to another there can be several km and it can take a long time, so it is essential to have all the mandatory material with you and leave nothing to chance, read the race rules carefully, have your mobile phone switched on (it is advisable to have a power bank), make sure you have an efficient lamp with spare batteries. Remember that your conduct of the race depends exclusively on YOU, the route is plotted but it is advisable to have the GPS track or download the map.


In the 100 Miglia departure you will have to follow the arrows on a yellow background ... then after passing the second refreshment point you will leave the 103 km route and enter a ring of about 60 km and follow the arrows on a white background, when you return to the route of the Tuscany Crossing 103 you will have to follow the arrows on a yellow background again, the warning tape will be white-blue with the Hoka Oneone brand. The 100-mile “Tuscany Crossing” will start on Friday 23 April from the Rocca di Tentennano, a military tower that dominates the entire Valdorcia .... will be visible in most of the route.

Refreshments and time gates

(the closing times of the gates are considered exiting)

NB the km of the places can be approximate