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The qualifying races of the second edition of the Plogging World Championship are underway,
scheduled in the Olympic Valleys (TO) between 30 September and 2 October
February 28 - The road that will lead 100 athletes to the finals of the
second edition of the Plogging World Championship.
The exclusive competition, created to spread this new discipline even more than
combines the race to the collection of abandoned waste, will take place for the second year on
Turin mountains. In fact, the Municipality of Villar Perosa and the Olympic Valleys ad
win the opportunity to host the finals, which will take place between 30 September and 2
October 2022.
There are 100 bib numbers available to be proclaimed the new Champion and the
new Plogging World Champion, after Pietro Olocco's victory last year
and Elena Canuto. The path to qualification opens this week, with the first
qualifying race, the tour of Lake Varese (Sunday 6 March, Lido di Gavirate - VA). The
calendar of qualifying races is available at the following link:
https://worldploggingchampionship.com/gare-qualificanti/ .
Any athlete who participates in one of these races can simultaneously decide to
register for the free selection for the World Championship. It will be enough, in fact,
report your interest in plogging to the race organizers, collect the material
provided (gloves and bag) before departure and create your own profile on the portal
www.ploggingchallenge.com. The course of the race will not change, the track will remain
the same as the other runners. However, you will have the opportunity to collect abandoned waste
along the way. Each performance will correspond to a score, from which one will be formed
general classification.
The qualifying races will be: The Giro del Lago di Varese (6 March, Lido di Gavirate), Ymittos
Marathon (10 April, Athens, Greece), Tuscany Crossing (23 April, Castiglione d'Orcia), Trail

del Bersaglio (May 15, Sommariva del Bosco), Zumbador Trail (May 21, Paramo del 
Zumbador, Venezuela), Gran Trail di Courmayeur (10 July, Courmayeur), 100 Miglia del
Monviso and Monviso Trail (19-21 August, Saluzzo and Crissolo).
Furthermore, the deadline for becoming a qualifying race is March 31st. Hurry to send the
application to info@worldploggingchampionship.com!
For any additional information and to find out the continuous racing calendar
update, we invite you to consult the Championship website:
www.worldploggingchampionship.com .
The World Plogging Championship is organized by the International Plogging Committee,
composed of AICA - International Association for Environmental Communication, ERICA
soc. coop., ACEA Pinerolese Industriale, Erik Ahlström - Plogga, Carlo Degiovanni and Sandro

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