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The amateur sports association SIENARUNNERS in collaboration with Polisportiva

Castiglione d'Orcia organizes the 1st edition "THE WAY OF VALDORCIA".

This is a non-competitive walk on routes of 14 km and 53 km.

Event with the patronage of the Municipality of Castiglione d'Orcia. With the collaboration of

voluntary and public assistance associations in the Val d'Orcia.

The event is part of the recreational motor activity, as shown by the regional law n.

35 of 09/07/2003 paragraph 4 and 5.


How to register

Online by following the instructions on the website

From 1 June 2022 it will be possible to register online until all places are filled


The age limit is set at 12 years accompanied by parents for the distance of 14 km

and 18 years for the 54 km


14km €13.00

54 km €40.00 (until 12/31/2022)

54 km € 45.00 (from 01/01/2023)

The registration fee includes:

race bib

assistance and refreshments along the way and at the end of the race

race pack

Souvenir technical shirt

Finisher prize

good pasta party


Online registrations and at the presale points will be closed when the number is reached

maximum of 200 registered for the 14 km and 200 registered for the 54 km.


In case of impossibility to participate, the renunciation must be communicated by e-mail to

The following refund methods are envisaged:

- cancellation by 31/12/2022: refund of 60% of the fee

- cancellation by 03/31/2023: refund of 50% of the fee

- cancellation by 01/04/2023: refund of 40% of the fee

- cancellation after 02/04/2023: no refund

The repayment of the fee, net of bank charges, will be made by 31 August 2020

in the manner indicated at the time of renunciation.

It will be possible to transfer the registration to another person upon payment of a supplement of

€10.00 for secretarial fees upon notification of March 31, 2023

In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure, up to 10 days before

of the event, the Organization reserves the right to reimburse a percentage equal to 50% of the fee

paid membership fee or transfer membership to a later date determined by the Committee

Manager. This percentage is justified by the multiple expenses that the Organization has

already made and cannot recover.

If the ride is canceled and/or, in any case, not carried out for reasons not dependent and/or not

attributable to the will of the organizers, including the revocation of the authorization to

performance by the Competent Public Bodies, the member will have nothing to claim

by the Organizing Committee or by other co-organisers, not even by way of reimbursement of expenses

incurred and those to be incurred by signing the application form also valid

as a waiver of any claim for damages and/or compensation and/or

any claim for reinstatement and/or satisfaction of any financial damage

immediately and undergoing.


For the particular commitment required, the participant in the 54 km Camino must attach a

medical certification certifying the state of good health (certificate of fitness to practice

non-competitive sport). The certificate, valid on the date of the performance of the

event, must be uploaded to the portal by the individual participant in the area

private. In addition to the certificate of fitness for non-competitive sporting practice, they are valid

also the higher level certificates of competence.

Participants must be in perfect health and psychophysical shape to face the

length of the route, any particular pathologies must be communicated

formally, by email, to the organization at the time of registration.

The organization certifies that there is civil liability insurance throughout the

trial period through the Uisp agreement, in any case for each non-registered participant

the organization will assume the burden of temporary insurance coverage at its own expense



The possibility of bringing dogs is allowed as long as they are kept on a leash and under responsibility

of the registered participant.

It is forbidden to run, under penalty of exclusion from the event with the withdrawal of the bib from

part of the assigned staff.

It is forbidden to leave before the official start of the start of the event in

how much safety on the route would not be guaranteed and, in the event of a transgression,

the organization reserves the right to withdraw the bib.

1. Race Ethics: Please be courteous to hikers, tourists, motorists, the course

it will not be closed to traffic and the runners will have to respect the rules of the road, the volunteers

on the course they will not have the power to stop cars.

2. Volunteers: Over 300 dedicated volunteers help with this event. I'm really there

lifeblood of the event and they will do everything they can to make your day a

success. Many spend more hours on the course than the participants themselves. Please

be polite and remember to thank them. Without volunteers there would be no events like the



4. Compulsory material for the 54 km

5. 1. 1 liter water reserve.

6. 2. Water backpack or double water bottle.

7. 3. Energy bars or equivalent food.

8. 4. Waterproof Windproof Jacket

9. 5. Emergency Drape

10. 6. Whistle

11. 7. Headlamp with battery backup

12. 8. Compulsory medical certificate

13. 9. Charged mobile phone


15. The use of the following material is strongly recommended:

16. 1. Hat or bandana and gloves

17. 2. Trail shoes

18. 3. Spare headlamp

Trekking poles are permitted

19. Compulsory material for the 14 km

20. 1) 1/2 liter water reserve.

21. 2) Water backpack or water bottle.

22. 3) Energy bars or equivalent food.

23. 4) Charged mobile phone


25. The use of the following material is strongly recommended:

26. Waterproof Windproof Jacket

27. 1. Hat or bandana and gloves

28. 2. Trail shoes

29. 3. Medical certificate



From Friday 21 April at 10.00 in Castiglione d'Orcia


Saturday 22 April 2023 in Castiglione d'Orcia

at 00.00 walk 54 km

At 09.30 am walk 14 km


By registering for the "IL CAMMINO DELLA VALDORCIA", the participant authorizes

expressly ASD SIENARUNNERS (from now, Organizing Committee) to resume, with

television, cinematographic, photographic or other means, the image of the participants in the course

of their participation in the "IL CAMMINO DELLA VALDORCIA" and to confirm with

this declaration dictates authorization recognizing the Committee's right to

record them, reproduce them, print them, publish them and project them, disseminate them, and in any case use them

with any means currently known or that will be invented in the future, without time limits

nor of any kind, anywhere in the world. The participant also declares that he has nothing to

claim from the Committee and/or its assignees and/or assignees, and in general from anyone who uses

and exploit its image, being every claim of the subscriber satisfied by the opportunity to

take part in the sporting event.

The Organizing Committee will provide an adequate medical assistance service.


For information on registration:


The duly registered participant declares to know and respect the regulation of " IL

CAMMINO DELLA VALDORCIA " published on the website, is a

knowledge that participate in "IL CAMCAMO DELLA VALDORCIA" and/or sporting events in

is potentially a risky business. He also declares that he voluntarily subscribes

and assumes all risks deriving from participation in the event: falls, contact with vehicles,

with other participants, spectators or other, weather conditions, including scorching heat, cold

extreme and/or wet, traffic and road conditions, that each type of risk is well known and

valued. Being aware of the above, considering the acceptance of the registration,

the member in the interest of no one else, relieves and releases the Organizing Committee, exempt from

all present and future claims or liabilities of any kind, known or unknown, arising therefrom

from attending the event.


The member is responsible for the ownership and custody of his race bib,

acquiring the right to use all the services mentioned in this regulation e

subsequently communicated. a) Anyone who, without regular registration, participated without

bib, as well as being held responsible for damage to people or things, including himself,

may be liable to the penal sanctions envisaged for the crime of "theft" (art. 624. of the criminal code). b)

or, alternatively, for the crime of fraud (Article 640 of the Criminal Code). In cases a) and b) the participants

may be liable to the sanctions envisaged for the crime of "non-compliance with the

provisions of the Authorities” (art. 650 of the criminal code). The aforementioned cases will be verifiable

also subject to verification of photographic and/or video documentation.


Pursuant to article 13 of the 2016/679 European Regulation on data protection

personal data ("GDPR") we inform you: A) that the data contained in the registration form are required

for registration, to prepare the list of participants, any classification, the historical archive,

to carry out the services declared in the regulation and to send information material

Organizing Committee; B) that the consequences of failing to provide data or

above information consists of non-admission to the event; C) In any

At the moment the interested party will be able to consult, modify, cancel their data free of charge

by writing to the Organizing Committee in charge of personal data processing



By registering for "IL CAMMINO DELLA VALDORCIA" the participant declares to know

in its entirety, to accept these regulations and to exempt the organizers from any

liability, both civil and criminal, for damages to persons and/or things caused by him or derived from him.

Participants must respect the rules of the Highway Code. Pursuant to the Regulation

European 2016/679 regarding the protection of personal data ("GDPR"), before registering

the athlete is required to read the documentation on privacy protection,

available on the website and to express their consent to

processing of personal data, in the manner provided. The data provided will be processed in the

compliance with the rules established by the European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of

personal data (“GDPR”) and used exclusively for the purposes set forth herein



The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time

time to update any changes that will be made to the UISP regulations or

for any other reason it deems appropriate to improve the event. The

participant must always refer to what is published on the



For anything not provided for in these regulations, please refer to the specific regulations e

to the laws in force on the subject. The organizing company reserves the right to vary in any

any clause of these Regulations for reasons of force majeure. the race yes

it will take place on a mixed asphalted/dirt track. Participants will not be able to in any case

tamper with the race bib by hiding wordings and/or symbols, under penalty of disqualification. All the

Participants in the race are required to comply with the Highway Code.

It is forbidden to be accompanied by a bicycle or other unauthorized personnel.

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