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Virtual Race 2021

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2021 .... it will be the year of the offroad resurrection, we will return to travel our wonderful land, but in the meantime we start the year on the race course, the first challenge of the year ..... complete the 160 km ... 100 miles "Tuscany Crossing"

How does it work?

Sign up for free by clicking on the button and you will receive the link to download the application and participate .... more surprises thanks to our sponsors ...




Then you just have to run ... the start will be Saturday 2 January 2021 at 06.00 and you will have until 31 January to complete your 100-mile challenge, it will also be a visual experience .... you will see yourself advancing on the track as in the "Live" of the race, your position will be updated in real time online.

This is a non-competitive event but the order of arrival will come by itself ....


It will be a virtual activity that will allow you to train together with others virtually, together on the same digital map (the same as the 100 miles Tuscany).

You can run wherever you want in the countryside or in the city and accumulate km on the map, you will advance on the route by running where you want but virtually you will start from Castiglione d'Orcia you will cross the historical places of the Val d'Orcia and return to conquer the Rocca ... a stimulus for run thinking about one of the most beautiful routes in the world .... because Tuscany Crossing is not an Ultramarathon ..... it is not an Ultratrail .... but it is OVER TRAIL

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